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B.A. 通路s to Graduate School Programs

Earning your bachelor’s 学位 is a major life milestone, but your education doesn’t have to stop there. At Pacific Oaks College, we offer two great opportunities that can save you time and money if you plan to continue your education after earning your B.A. 学位.

B.A. M.A. “Excel-lerate” Program

Save time and money and reach your educational goal sooner.

The “Excel-lerate” program provides qualified Pacific Oaks College undergraduate students the opportunity to get a jumpstart on their master’s 学位 at Pacific Oaks by completing up to two (2) graduate-level courses during their B.A. program—while still paying the lower undergraduate tuition rate. Upon acceptance into a master’s program, students may have the completed graduate-level courses applied toward their master’s 学位, putting them six credit hours closer to their M.A.

B.A. 到J.D. 路径规划

A quicker way to achieve your legal 学位.

Pacific Oaks College has a long held commitment to educating advocates who promote social justice and equality in classrooms, 组织, 和社区. 现在, students have the opportunity to pair a legal education with their bachelor’s 学位 from Pacific Oaks and prepare for careers in law, 政策的制定, 政府, 还有更多.

With Pacific Oaks’ B.A. 到J.D. 通路, you can take up to three graduate level legal courses during your bachelor’s program that count toward the completion of your B.A. 学位 as well as your J.D. (Juris Doctorate) 学位 at 圣巴巴拉号 & Ventura Colleges of Law (COL).

To find out more about Pacific Oaks College’s 通路 to Graduate School programs, and the B.A. courses available, contact the 招生 department at (电子邮件保护) or 800/201-2296.